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Lost and Alone - My Chemical Romance Horror Story

Chapter 12 - Out

*Ray Toro’s POV*
The water was up to my stomach, now. I was sitting cross legged since the straps where too short to allow me to stand, even on my knees. I was deathly afraid. I knew the guys would come and help me, but I was still anxious about the fact that they might not. I don’t want to drown. Not in the slightest. I shut my eyes and tried to think of something to do. Some way to get out, but I knew all was hopeless. My heart beat was thumping painfully against my head. Had I gotten a concussion? I didn’t even know how I got it. My eyes were still closed and I was beginning to feel tired, but I knew I had to stay awake in order to try and figure out how to put off my death penalty.
‘Tired, are we?’ the deep voice asked. I groaned.
‘Shut up. This water is really cold, you know.’
‘No shit, Sherlock.’ the speaker muttered. I lazily brought my hand up and shot my middle finger up.
‘Now, now, no need to be rude.’
‘Well, maybe if you weren’t trying to kill me,’ I replied with a sigh, ‘then I wouldn’t be rude.’

A few minutes of silence passed, apart from the small stream of water that was slowly filling the tank. I looked around the tank glumly before seeing a small crack near my foot. I looked at it closely and started to think.
Suddenly my mind clicked. I looked at my shoes; light denim coloured converses. They’d have to do. Maybe, just maybe, if I kicked it hard enough, the whole tank would shatter! Or at least break. I slowly positioned my foot, trying not to look too conspicuous. I took a deep breath, glancing up at the camera before smashing the soul of my shoe against the crack. The glass made a massive shattering sound before it all fell in around me, the water spilling across the floor.
‘What was that?’ the voice barked. Perhaps the camera wasn’t turned on.
‘Dunno.’ I replied. I picked up a large piece of glass and started to try and cut myself free from the straps. The fabric began to tear apart easily.

After a couple of minutes I was completely cut loose. I rubbed at my wrists, flinching when I felt slight rope burn. I quietly got to my feet, trying to step around the broken glass.
‘You still alive, Toro?’ the speaker spoke.
‘Hardly.’ I replied, tip toeing towards the door. ‘Are you going to let me out anytime soon?’
The voice laughed. ‘Fuck no!’
I chuckled silently before reaching the door knob and twisting it open. I poked my head out to look down the dim-lit hallway that appeared out in front of me. I chose to turn left and steadily walked down, passing many locked doors. We hadn’t uncovered this part of the hall so I had no idea where I was. I continued to walk, checking behind me every couple of seconds just in case I was being followed.

I reached the end of the hall and turned right down another connecting hall. Why were there so many fucking hallways? I hung my head to look at the ground beneath me, checking for any wires or booby traps along the way. Suddenly I bashed into someone. My heart started thumping rapidly.


Yay for Ray!
But ooo, who'd he walk into?

Thank you for reading!!
much love,


when is chapter 15 coming? hopefully soon... i stopped reading cuz it seems like authors arent trying anymore but this has me excited and wanting more

PsychoJay PsychoJay

Yay can't wait! :)

Dead_Pegasus_01 Dead_Pegasus_01

More will be coming soon! x

sonyamcr sonyamcr


Oh gosh, that sounds horrible! And we'll see what happens to the boys soon! Thank you very much! xx

sonyamcr sonyamcr


Thank you so much for reading! ^o^ x

sonyamcr sonyamcr