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Lost and Alone - My Chemical Romance Horror Story

Chapter 10 - Doors

*Frank Iero’s POV*
‘Mikey?’ I called out, the room now pitch black. Why had he put the candle out? I dug the lighter out of my pocket and switched it on.
My heart began to race. He was here one fucking second ago! I walked around the room, holding my lighter out in front of me. He definitely wasn’t there. Then I thought about the door. We hadn’t inspected it yet, and anyway, why would he drop the candle so suddenly? Perhaps he saw something. Shit, is there something else in this room?
I swung my arm around violently in attempt to hit anything that may be next to me. I hit nothing, not caring how foolish I probably looked. I eyed the door opposite me and slowly crept up to it, scared and panicking because I had no idea what was on the other side. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

I stared out into the unknown room. It looked newly renovated – not old and dirty like the rest of the thought-to-be-hospital. The walls were newly painted a deep maroon colour, apart from a feature wall which was a blood colour. There were a couple of chairs in the centre which surrounded an expensive looking mahogany table. There were a couple of steel shelves on the walls, holding books that I hadn’t heard of before and there was a curvy light hanging down from the ceiling. Oh, a thing I forgot to mention; there were about 8 doors built into each of the four walls.
I looked in wonder and curiosity at each of the doors. Each one was a different shade of blue; the one next to the door that I had stepped through being a light baby-blue. I was extremely confused and panicked. Also very over whelmed.

Were the guys behind one of these doors? Or where they spread out between them? Were there even rooms behind the doors? My head swarmed with questions which I was unable to answer. I stepped warily into the mysterious room. I looked at the floor to make sure there wasn’t anything to step into or onto. Cautiously, I made my way further into the room, taking in every detail of the room. There was an air vent in the ceiling that I was far too short to reach as the roof was unnaturally high up. I grabbed one of the chairs and dragged it over to the spot under the air vent and climbed on top of it. I reached out to the air vent, but I was still a good still inches short of contact. I cursed before climbing off the chair and dumping it back at the table. I turned my attention to the many doors that were surrounding me.

I wasn’t any good at maths, but shortly after I realised there was 32 doors, including the one I had come through.
‘Which one should I try first?’ I wondered out loud. I was frightened yet excited. I studied each of the doors, trying to decide which one I wanted to check first. I looked at one which was to the left of me. It was a nice cornflower blue. I hopped over to it, placing my hand on the handle and turning the handle slowly, causing suspense for myself.
I let go of the handle and let the door slowly but steadily open, making deep groaning noises. I sighed in disappointment. All that showed was a small compartment, about the size of pantry, holding a couple of brooms, mops and buckets. I closed the door and moved to the one next to it, which was an over powering celeste blue. I opened it. It containing nothing more than a single flower, which I found fairly confusing. I then moved to the next door and held my breath. Something didn’t feel right about this door. It was an alice blue – almost white in colour. I lifted my hand to the handle and pulled it down. It swung open, revealing its mystery inside. My stomach dropped as it came into my full view and I gasped in horror.
What the fuck?


oh god, i'm sorry for the shitty chapter and all the cliff hangers.
i use them so i can use time to think of my next chapter
anyway, hope it's keeping you on edge!
i've decided that sundays will be my non-writing days~~

if you have any questios or suggestions ect, please comment below. much love, me. xxxx


when is chapter 15 coming? hopefully soon... i stopped reading cuz it seems like authors arent trying anymore but this has me excited and wanting more

PsychoJay PsychoJay

Yay can't wait! :)

Dead_Pegasus_01 Dead_Pegasus_01

More will be coming soon! x

sonyamcr sonyamcr


Oh gosh, that sounds horrible! And we'll see what happens to the boys soon! Thank you very much! xx

sonyamcr sonyamcr


Thank you so much for reading! ^o^ x

sonyamcr sonyamcr