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La Cosa Nostra

Prologue: Part I

In 1995

Two children, a 15-year old boy and girl were seated on the lower bed of a bunk bed in a bedroom fit for your average punk-rock teenager. The pair was visibly excited about something as they bounced in their seats talking animatedly.

“Fuck, I can’t wait! I’m so fucking excited!” the boy exclaimed excitedly. He grinned widely at the girl whose grin matched his exactly. He was dressed in black jeans, a red dress shirt, and a black sweater vest. His natural dark brown hair was cut short and flat on his scalp.

“I know! I’m just as excited as you are! You guys have been practicing in the basement every night for about a month, now she can finally get some sleep extra sleep before she goes to work” the girl giggled a giggle that was the same giggle of the boy sitting next to her. She was dressed in a pair of Batman briefs and a Nirvana t-shirt. Her natural dark brown hair reached an inch above her shoulders and curled around her face.

"I know! I still can't believe we finally booked our first gig though. I mean we're only playing at the junior dance but still I'm so excited," he glanced down at the beat up watch on wrist and gasped, "Shit! I gotta go or I'll be late!"

He scrambled out the bed and out the bedroom door, closing it behind him. The girl could hear his feet stomp down the stairs in a rush and the front door slamming closed a few seconds later. Her body slumped against the head of her bed and then it slid down until her head was resting on her pillows.

Suddenly the front door was thrown open with a loud bang and the sound feet pounding up the stairs could be heard. The girl sat up straight and stared at the bedroom door curiously. Then the bedroom door was thrown open to reveal the boy who ran out earlier only slightly breathless. He rushed to the bed the girl was sitting on.

"I almost forgot. Do you think you can stay up and wait for me?" he asked quietly, "We're only playing a one-hour set and then they'll kick me out because I’m a freshman."

"Of course," the girl replied with a sweet smile. The boy grinned at her before he gave her an innocent peck on the lips. The boy rested his forehead on the girl's as his warm breath ghosted over her face. Butterflies erupted in both of their stomachs at the contact they shared. They stared into each other's eyes which were both a stunning hazel that made both the boys and girls of their high school swoon. He groaned in frustration before he pecked her lips once more but lingered a bit longer than usual then he was on his way out in the same manner before.

Even after the front door slammed close for the second time that night, the girl stayed in her sitting position gazing at the door after the boy who snatched her heart and never gave it back. She slowly laid back down while thinking about the boy who was nearly her exact replica with a smile on her face like a love-struck teenager. Sometime after she began thinking about the numerous occasions when they kissed sleep overcame the young girl.

Meanwhile, as the teenage boy sprinted the ten blocks of Newark, NJ to Queen of Peace High School in the next city. The whole time he was thinking about the girl he just left who stole his heart and never gave it back and all the times they kissed. After about five minutes, he finally arrived at the catholic high school. He ran up the front steps to the school. He showed his ID to the security guards at the front doors with an ‘I’m tonight’s entertainment’ and a thumb shoved in the direction of the guitar case on his back. The guards nodded and let the young boy in. He briskly walked towards the gym where music can already be heard. When he neared the second door to the gym, he could see the rest of his band mates waiting for him.

“Thank fuck! We go on in five fucking minutes man!” the eldest, tallest, and bassist of the band stated before ushering the guitarist into the back stage area. The guitarist quickly shrugged the guitar case of his back before setting it down on a nearby table. After unzipping the case, he removed an all-white Les Paul; he strummed a few times to make sure the instrument was in-tuned.

“It’s time guys,” a teacher declared, walking by the band and up the stairs to the small stage. Everyone in the gym heard the teacher clear his throat, “I would like to welcome to the stage… Steve Weil and The Disco Kings!”

There was a small applause as the band nervously clambered on stage and behind their instruments. The singer of the band clutched the mic between his slightly sweaty hands. He opened his mouth to say something but someone from the crowd interrupted him.

“The guitarist is a fag and this band blows!” a deep voice shouted in the otherwise quiet gymnasium. Each of the band members frowned and looked at each other, silently communicating. Simultaneously, they faced the crowd of juniors once again. The small, short guitarist began playing and a few seconds later the rest of the band with the exception of the singer joined in to play the song “Aneurysm” by Nirvana.

The crowd immediately began banging their heads and jumping up and down in place. The band glanced at each other with grins on their faces with understanding that they had the crowd of juniors wrapped around their fingers.

~One Hour and Forty Minutes Later~

"Wake up," the boy whispered loudly to the young girl who fell asleep soon after he left. The girl slowly opened her hazel eyes to see the same pair of hazel eyes staring back at her. Then she realized that she had fallen asleep when she was supposed to stay up and wait for him.

“I’m sorry. I just got tired af--" she quickly shut up and stared at him when she noticed the grimace on the boy's face. "What happened at the dance?"

The boy blinked once before casting his gaze downwards. The girl simply sighed before she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and cradled him to her chest like a small child. She assumed that the sad expression on the boy sat quietly for a few moments then he sighed. "I can't do it anymore!"

The girl jumped at the boy's sudden outburst. He sat up and grinned at her. The girl arched an eyebrow at the boy in her lap. "What really happened at the dance?"

"We fucking rocked!" the boy exclaimed with excitement, "When we first got on stage, they were being negative and shit. But then we played Aneurysm and then everybody started jumping around. Then I started around jumping around while playing. Then I slipped on a cable to the amp and fell on the distortion pedal. I got a bruise on my back, under my shoulder blade, and it hurts like a bitch. But I kept playing as we started playing the songs we wrote. Then when we were done everybody cheered and it was fucking amazing.”

The girl sat there in silence while the boy flopped backwards on the bed and took deep breaths after telling the events of the night in one breathe. Slowly a huge grin crept across her face; the girl then commenced bouncing in her spot while squealing with happiness. She was so proud of him and he knew with the amount of times she said that on a daily basis. The boy giggled as he watched the girl show her happiness; to him she was everything he wanted in a girlfriend or even a wife and he couldn’t keep this information to himself anymore. But what if she became disgusted at the thought of being in a relationship with him?

“What’s wrong?” the girl questioned, ceasing her bouncing and squealing while gazing at the nervous looking boy lying at the foot of her bed. The boy shook his head as if to clear his thoughts. After a second or two, rolled around to crawl up to the girl, who was sitting cross-legged at the head of her bed, and kneel in front of her.

“Please don’t hate me forever,” before the girl could even think of some sort of response to the boy’s worried request, the boy leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers while placing both of his hand, rough from playing guitar, on her soft cheeks. After a moment, the boy licked the girl’s smooth bottom lip asking for permission to deepen the kiss. Much to both of their surprise, she allowed him entrance so that their tongues could explore the other’s mouth. Finally, the broke apart while sucking in ragged breaths between swollen lips. “I love you. More than I should. So will you be my girlfriend?”

The girl thought about the difficulties that would with being in a relationship with the boy sitting in front of her like what people will think if they found out; then she realized that she didn’t care. That one kiss made her feel like a new person and she wanted more. She opened her mouth to reply but the boy cut her off, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I understand if you think I’m a disgusting person you never want to speak to again,”

The boy then turned away with tears in his eyes and a broken heart. He crawled off the bed and made his way to the bedroom door. “Where do you think you’re going?”

The stern tone the girl used made the teenage boy answer quietly because he felt like a little children who was caught doing something bad, “Downstairs to sleep on the couch,”

“Why?” the girl asked with a mischievous smirk that she shared with the boy, “You want to sleep in the same bed as your girlfriend?”

It took the boy a few seconds to comprehend what the girl he was in love with was saying. Grinning like a madman, he ran three steps towards the bed before jumping onto the bed head first, narrowly missing his head on the bottom of the top bunk. The ecstatic teenage boy giggled as he stripped down to his boxers and scrambled under the sheets.

They laid on their sides facing each other just staring one another in adoration. Then slowly the boy snaked his arms around the girl’s waist and pulled her closer. She giggled quietly before sighing in content. “I love you Frank Anthony Iero Jr.”

The boy grinned and kissed his girlfriend’s lips softly, “I love you too Nicolett Romina Iero.”


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