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Benzene Doll

If You Stay, I Would Even Wait All Night

While outside keeping an eye out for Dracs, Ghoul sat buy the cemetary mailbox, messing around with a random rose that was lying around nearby.
"You should go see what he's up to." Kobra said to Poison.
"God, why me, Kobra?"
"Because you're our leader."
"Fine, whatever."

Poison approached Ghoul as he still tossed around the rose and sat beside him.
"Hey," he said to Ghoul.
"Hey," Ghoul replied.
"You seem quiet today. Everything alright?"
Ghoul set the rose down and looked up at the sky.
"It's her." he answered. "Benzene. She's just so....perfect."
"Heard you two did it last night."
"From who?"
"Grace said she saw you two naked in the same bed."
"Did she now?"
"Guess so."
"Yeah, we did it. But yknow what she told me?"
"She'd never done it with anyone other than Korse. She was basically a virgin, with stolen innocence."
"I know. Worries me a bit."
"How so?"
"All the shit she's been through in her life, not just with luck on love, but in her pre-war personal life that she'd rather I not tell you about. And now knowing she was robbed of virginity by that bastard......I think she needs someone. Someone who will always be there for her. Someone who understands her. Someone she can trust. Someone to keep her happy. For life. And she and I seem to work will together. I like her, a lot. And last night, I knew that she liked me the same way too."
"What are you saying, Ghoul?"
"I really like her. I love her. I know we brought her here mainly for the babies and Grace but......once we finally beat Korse and end the BL/ind rule, I want us to stay like this. Forever. Jamia would never take me back, I dont want to be alone. And I can't imagine putting her back into loneliness either. Poison....I want Benzene to be my wife."
"And how the hell are you gonna do that? How are you even gonna get a ring?"
"Pony knows where to get one. I'm sure we'll find some way to work things out."
"And what if she says no?"
"She wouldn't."

Poison got up and left Ghoul.
"Where ya goin'?" Ghoul asked him. But Poison didn't answer.
Ghoul picked up the rose again and ran inside to find Benzene.


this story was so good!!!!
BrianaBallistic BrianaBallistic
Oh....oh my..... that was so cute and emotional and cute again and....and.... so adorable and amazing!!!!
Screaming Tears Screaming Tears
I wish I could write like this! You're very, very good!!!
falloutlies falloutlies
I loved this fanfiction, I hope there's going to be a second part to it, you write good stories. It felt like I was actually there!(motaphorically)
Carbon Titties Carbon Titties