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Benzene Doll

You Can Run Away With Me Anytime You Want

She awoke the next morning in a daze. Her stomach filled with butterflies and her heart racing a marathon.
"Hey," a voice called to her.
It was Ghoul.

"Listen Ghoul, I-" she started.
"I know what you're going to say. But I want you to know, that.......I love you, ok?" he interrupted. "I've loved you since the moment I found you out in the desert. I wanted you, not for sex, not for kids, not for someone to handle Grace. I wanted you for you.
I can't just wait around here in the desert hoping that my wife will take me back. I just know she's moved on, remarried, probably has lied to the twins about me. I've been fighting out here for them; my twin girls. I don't want them growing up in this world; BL/ind's world. I can't even go into the city to see them; not just because I might get caught, but because Jamia would never allow it, and they might not even know me. Everything I've been fighting for out here is most likely gone and not worth fighting for anymore.
You we're my only hope of ever getting what I was fighting for; A chance at love, a chance to raise children into the life they deserve. You we're the only one who could have given it to me.
I knew Poison would have never allowed you in simply because you're a female; so I had to lie about using you to handle Grace and having kids just to get him to let you be one of us.
I know you've had a extremely difficult time with love. All your heartaches, all you pain. Even Korse. But I can't help it, ok? I love you. If you just gave me a chance then-"
But before he could finish, she interrupted him with a kiss.
He stood motionless.
"My deceased grandmother came into my dreams last night and told me everything." Benzene told Ghoul. "I'm sorry for being such a bitch to you. To be honest, I've had feelings for you as well. I was just so used to heartache that I thought it was just another trick, so I held back my emotions and talked myself into believing that to save more pain, but obviously, it only made it worse."

She then proceeded to hug him, burying her face into his chest and sobbing.
"I'm so sorry," she continued. "I just wish you would forgive me."
"Oh sweetie," he said holding her. "Of course I forgive. I complete understand."
"You do?"
"Of course." He then dried her tears. He held her close to him again and kissed her lips gently.
"And I promise, I'll never let Korse get to you. Ever."

And the two of them held each other in their arms.


this story was so good!!!!
BrianaBallistic BrianaBallistic
Oh....oh my..... that was so cute and emotional and cute again and....and.... so adorable and amazing!!!!
Screaming Tears Screaming Tears
I wish I could write like this! You're very, very good!!!
falloutlies falloutlies
I loved this fanfiction, I hope there's going to be a second part to it, you write good stories. It felt like I was actually there!(motaphorically)
Carbon Titties Carbon Titties