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Benzene Doll

You Cant Destroy Me

After lying in the dark sobbing for who knew how long, Helena began to try and pick herself back up again.

{During the Helium War, BL/ind wanted to control the minds of the survivors, and would take hostage of anyone who went against their orders. Men, women and children, the old and the young, the dark and the light, and everyone in between. Some of the survivors hid in Le Millénaire Nouveau, an underground burlesque club with a modern rock twist, were Helena had been the star; the one people wanted to see. But not just for her dancing; she had an amazing voice. Men couldn't resist her.
When BL/ind had discovered the hide out, the Draculoids were ordered to take the women alive and send them to Korse, while the men were rapidly ghosted off in the club.
And one by one, Korse had ghosted any woman who tried to rebel against him. There were two the Helena could remember quite easily; a young woman and her infant daughter. As any scared newborn would do, the daughter cried and screamed continuously.
"Shut that goddamn fucker up!" yelled Korse to her mother.
"How?" the mother asked. "There's nothing I can do!"
"Dracs, take the kid."
And the mother fought off the Dracs with the child in her arms, refusing to let them take her daughter away from her. But as the last Drac had been defeated, Korse aimed the ray gun at the mother and pulled the trigger,
And the mother fell to the ground, her baby clutched tightly in her arms, against her chest. Korse then proceeded to take the still crying child from her mother, where the child was also ghosted off in a blink of an eye.
"That's better." he grinned. A group of new Dracs entered the room. "Get two bags; one adult and one child." he ordered. "Just wait until Poison finds out what we did to his wife and daughter." He and the other Dracs laughed at the sound of this, but Helena was furious.
"No." she whispered in hate.}

"No!" she yelled to herself as she slammed the chains against the walls trying to break them.
"He won't get away with this!"
"Not with what he did to me!"
"To them!"
"To anyone!"
And the chains broke off, setting her free. And in the light, she noticed the bandanna, the red bandanna the young mother had with her and her daughter before the were ghosted. She picked it up and hid it in her bra, since her work outfit she still had on had no pockets.
"I don't belong here." she continued. "I'm not cut out for this world. At least not the BL/ind's world. I belong out there, with the Killjoys. I'm going to them. I'm going to tell Poison what they did to his family. I'm going to give him the last of their belongs, this bandanna. And I'm going to become one of them. I'm never coming back here."

And she kicked opened the door and fled; fled until she couldn't run any farther and passed out miles from BL/ind in the desert.


this story was so good!!!!
BrianaBallistic BrianaBallistic
Oh....oh my..... that was so cute and emotional and cute again and....and.... so adorable and amazing!!!!
Screaming Tears Screaming Tears
I wish I could write like this! You're very, very good!!!
falloutlies falloutlies
I loved this fanfiction, I hope there's going to be a second part to it, you write good stories. It felt like I was actually there!(motaphorically)
Carbon Titties Carbon Titties