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Early Sunsets and Romantic Afternoons

Guessing Game

After an hour, English class is finally finished. I quickly closed my brown notebook and placed my favourite pen in my pocket. It's finally recess, and I have to meet up with Gerard outside room 210.
I walked quickly towards the door, but was immediately blocked by a girl in the doorway.
She looked at me with a warm smile pasted on her face. I looked at her brown wavy hair, it looks like she actually has a lot of time when it comes to grooming herself.

"Hi, my name is Kim." She instantly introduced herself with a hand waiting for a kind gesture. I shook her hand and meekly introduced myself to her.

"Beatrice. I'm new here."

"I know. A lot of people have been noticing you already." She replied with a smile. I'm actually looking forward to seeing Gerard for recess, but Kim has been killing my time already.

"Hey, Kim. I have to go, I have to do some stuff and all." I said to her while I was acting like I was in a sudden hurry and shit. I'm so good at this.

"Oh, okay. Nice knowing you. If you need something just let me know, okay?" She kindly said and I nodded. I quickly left the conversation bubble with Kim and hurriedly searched for room 210.

While walking quickly, I saw Gerard leaning on the lockers in front of the said room. His eyes were covered by his messy dark brown hair and his gray hoodie. His hands tucked inside his hoodie pockets and was looking at me.

"Hey." He greeted me with a half smile and removed his hood from his head.

"Hi. I haven't introduced myself to you yet. You know that, right?" I asked him. Of course, he actually don't know my name. Yet he offered me to know the school shit basics.

"Well let me guess, you have THE Italian blood. No doubt about it." He smirked. He emphasized the THE which means it is actually obvious. I nodded and waited for him for more intelligent guesses.

"Italian, Italian. Let me recall my favourite Italian names. And I hope luck should help me in. If I mentioned your name, tell me alright?"

This should be interesting. My mind actually made up a fucking joke that he's actually a magician. But that's lame. I suck at this.

"Francesca? Sofia? Stella? Aria? Angelica?" He enumerated the names. Waiting for each one for a YES. But unfortunately, he haven't guessed my silly name.

"And last but not the least, my favourite Italian name... Beatrice."

My eyes widened and said yes. He let out a smile and showed his small white teeth.

"How come that's your favourite name? And, and... How did you know my name?" I asked Gerard. He shifted his place and leaned on the colder side of the metal lockers.

"Your name actually reminds me of an old friend." He told me with his arms crossed. I looked at his mesmerizing Hazel eyes.

"Well, we already consumed 10 minutes. I guess we should start strolling around this wasteland?" He shifted the topic and I immediately nodded to carry onto the "school campus tour".

We walked for quite a while. He showed me the cafeteria and quickly he assumed that I wasn't really hungry to eat anything. He showed me the Music Room where he used to play the triangle last sophomore year, but he quit it after the school year. Told me that it wasn't worth it and would rather waste his time for movies rather than the additional grades for the school band.

At first I thought that he's a shy type of guy and all. Wearing his hood and all that shy kind of shit. But I eventually learned while taking a stroll with him, he just somewhat likes to put in on and remove it, and put in back again. He's actually quite talkative. Not the kind of talkative where trash is all over the conversation. But the kind of talkative that actually has worth and meaning.

"And here... Is the rooftop." He opened the metal door and my eyes immediately captured the sunlight. I looked around, nothing much. There were wooden benches, but aside from that, nothing much caught my eye.

"This is my personal favourite." Gerard said with a smile on his face. He led me to the metal fence which is the edge of the rooftop.

"You can actually see the football field here." I said with a smile. I looked down and saw the small park beside the school.

"And you can also see the Botanical Garden here. Where a lot of students actually do crazy shit there." He said and let out a laugh. We stayed there, leaning on the fence. Gerard did much of the talking, while I was carefully listening and mentally jotting down the important things to remember about Belleville High.

"What's your next subject to take?" He asked, he looked at me while waiting for an answer.


"Oh, Math. Well you're going to be late, Beatrice." He replied slowly. He looks upset. Maybe he doesn't want our conversation to end yet.

"Yes, but I'm skipping class." I replied with a smile. Mimicking his note before English class. He looked up and looked at me and his smirk was back once again.


this is good, please update!! x