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Rip My Heart Open and Let it Bleed

Now That I'm Gone I Hope You're Happy 1/1

Some days I wish I could take back. Like the last day I saw you. I know you loved me once upon a time and those are the moments I cherish the most now that I'm out of your life. I know you wanted 'us' to end for a while, yet I was too stubborn to let you out of the suffocating clutches I called a relationship. When you said to me straight out you wanted me out of your life for good I broke down, Gerard. And you fucking knew it too. I told you I was going to end myself without you yet you still kicked me out into the pouring rain like I was nothing but shit to you. I know you still cared about me even though you no longer shared the same love as I did for you.

I don't know what made you do that Gee, you know how fragile I am. I was telling you about how much I loved you and about the wonderful memories we shared from the day we first laid our pretty little eyes on each other as I was lying on your lap and you just stood abruptly, pushed me off of you onto the cold hardwood floor and told me that I never loved you. I never cared about you. I never intended to be with you for the rest of your life. I did Gerard. Were you too blind to see that?

When you told me you didn't love me anymore I started to sob and tell you I still did but you just stared at me and told me to go to hell and that you weren't giving in to the crying act. Couldn't you see this wasn't an act? I tried not to cry I really did, I tried to pull myself together and make you come to your senses to see how much I loved you. I failed though and broke down to the point I couldn't take it as you now know. My death was the headline of the news for weeks; 'My Chemical Romance's Guitarist Frank Iero Ends His Life'. The reason was unknown to everyone except you and you lied to every reporter who asked you if you knew why I ended myself, even the fucking police. I can't believe you.

That night when you threw me out I drove down the road in your pretty little car you left the keys in and I did it. Every fiber of my being was screaming yes, I wasn't thinking much I just went with what my body wanted to do and drove your brand new Lexis right off Lovebug Cliff and into the lake below. Lovebug Cliff? Does that sound familiar to you or is it just me? Oh right that was the place were we first made love. When we were BOTH happy and in love like two horny teenagers. We did it in the back seat of your old black van that you got rid of after I left you, you told everyone it held too many memories when you brought it to the dump but the real reason you threw it out was because you didn't want any trace of me left in your life. I can read you like a book Gee, so you can never lie to me and get away with it.

Oh and what was this? When the detectives found my body in the lake you cried and sobbed like a baby saying you were sorry to yourself. Bullshit Gee. Do I not recall you telling me "I don't fall for the crying act"? You knew it was your fault and even worse you knew I was going to do it so why are you acting as if you had no idea?

Even after everything that went on that night, even if your actions killed me in my emotional state I still love you with all my heart. I know you think I hate you with a burning passion now but I don't. Love that's meant to be forever never ends even in the worst of times, Gee. After thinking about this I've come to realize deep down inside that black little heart of yours you still having feelings for me and when you come join me up here in the clouds I hope you come to realize that too. My love for you will never stop even if my heart has stopped beating.

Forever and Always I will love you, never forget that.


This oneshot was taken from my account on mibba and posted here so if you found this on mibba that is why. I hope you enjoyed this short and sad one shot.

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oh shit. the emotions, they're getting to me. *hands award*

that emotionally pained me. god that hurt my feels. This is the best thing ever. *wipes away tears this has caused*
that emotionally pained me. god that hurt my feels. This is the best thing ever. *wipes away tears this has caused*
this so sad but soo beautiful. I love it
Fun Ghoul Fun Ghoul
ow. right in the feels