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Laugh It All Off


It was all over the news about how it was suspected that a student at their school had gone into school early, shot several classmates before turning the gun on herself. They never mentioned that they thought it was Angharad because like the police said, they didn't know because there were no witnesses or cameras.

The news reporter said that it was suspected that the girl had been driven to the edge over the bullying she received at the hands of Shawn and Mark – two of the victims who were killed.

Christmas wasn't a real happy affair this year because some people were still mourning the victims who were killed and some just couldn't feel happy on the day that was only a week after what had happened.

No matter what Gerard, Ray, or even Frank thought of Angharad, they could have never thought that she would be capable of doing something like this. And really, it wasn't like there was any evidence that she had done it – the gun was found in the gap between her body and Shawn's body.

The funny thing was there were no finger marks on it either, but none of the students were wearing gloves. It was also why they didn't think it was Angharad, either.

On Boxing Day Mikey was sat on the step of his house, scarf and beanie on as well as his new big hoodie that he had gotten for Christmas. He was just thinking about the last conversation he had had with Angharad alive.

Now that Mikey thinks about it, it was almost like she was apologising for something that was going to happen soon and, in a way, saying goodbye. At least that's what Mikey got out of it as he sat in the cold and thought about it. But still, no matter how much she would snap at people and be rude, Mikey could never think of her ever to be capable of doing something like that.

“Hey Mikey.” He looked up when he heard Alicia call to him. She was heading towards him wrapped up in the scarf that he had given her for Christmas. She looked really cold.

“Hey Alicia,” he said, watching her as she sat next to him. “What's up?”

She shrugged, “Not much really. Mum's gone round to Angharad's mum's house so I'm free for the day.” She rubbed her hands together almost as if it was a bid to keep warm. “I don't believe Angharad could have ever done what some people think she did.”

“Me either,” Mikey agreed, “She's a nice girl who just doesn't like talking with people. And yet, that makes her the biggest suspect in people's eyes.”

“Yeah,” Alicia breathed.

Despite saying all of that, Mikey can't help but think maybe it was Angharad. She did say that she didn't want him to hate her but after what she was going to do, he might do. And she was saying thank you to him. But still, Mikey couldn't believe it. Then again, no one would want to believe something like that. And where there's no witnesses you can't really believe anything because there's no account of what happened.

“The only thing I wish is that I spent more time with her. She was good company when she was in a nice mood,” Mikey said after a while of silence.

Alicia nodded, agreeing with him.

They sat on the steps for some time before finally getting too cold and heading into the Way's house.

A part of Mikey couldn't help but think that Shawn and Mark had got what was coming to them. But another part of him said that no one deserved to be killed.

He just couldn't decide which one was the bigger part.


I really enjoyed your story. +10 vote and all that.
Cake Cake
woah the chapters make a little sentance thingy
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