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Laugh It All Off

in fact i think that everybody

It was a bitter Thursday morning and all Mikey could think about was getting to school as quickly as possible so that he could bask in the warmth of the school. Well, it should be warm considering it's winter but it seemed that sometimes the school likes to shut its heating off for the fun of it, making the students shiver and remain cold the whole day.

The joy of being in a school that lacks in money.


The voice that called his name made Mikey slightly confused (and startled) but nonetheless, he turned around to see Angharad heading towards him. Even though it was extremely cold and bitter, she was still wearing her skirt and boots.

Mikey could see her knees were a bright red which meant that they were freezing in the air. And as much as he wanted to ask her why she was wearing a skirt in weather that he was fairly certain she was freezing in, he didn't. He didn't know what type of mood she was in today and plus, he did realise that it wasn't even his business.

So what if she was wearing a skirt and it looked like her knees were going to freeze? It was up to her and plus, Mikey was pretty sure that some girls were crazy with how they dressed. Obviously not Alicia because she dressed decently in the weather.

“Oh... hey, Angharad,” he replied warily.

He still hadn't understood the conversation they had yesterday despite how much he mauled over it last night. He feels like it's a warning or something but he just doesn't know what it's about. Or whether he's even thinking of it correctly.

“Alicia's still at home. She wanted me to catch up with you and tell you to head to her house. Something about walking to school together or something,” Angharad breathed, her words coming out in white clouds.

There's something in her tone that Mikey doesn't quite realise but does catch on to. He heard it, knows that it is there, but doesn't know what it is exactly.

“Oh. Well thanks,” Mikey said.

Just as he was about to turn and head the way that she had just came from, Angharad stopped him. “Thank you, Mikey.”

He turned back towards her and just missed the sad smile that was on her face. “For what?”

“You're a nice person, Mikey, you were nice to me. Even though I don't like people, I guess if anything, I like you, Mikey.”

Even though Mikey liked the fact that Angharad was no longer snapping at him just for talking to her, he couldn't help but feel a little freaked over her nice side. It wasn't a normal side to see and really, it didn't seem to fit Angharad. Not that he was saying she wasn't a nice girl or anything, just her outside appearance and attitude didn't scream 'nice girl', that's all. And if Mikey was going by his first conversation with her, that didn't scream out 'nice girl' either.

But slowly, it seemed, her conversations had gotten much friendlier.

“Um... I like you, too, Angharad. You're really nice when you want to be,” he said, lamely but hesitantly. It just made her chuckle.

“Just still... thank you, Mikey," she smiled.

“You're... um, welcome?”

He watched her walk away, heading towards the school. Sighing to himself, Mikey shoved his hands in his pockets and began making his way to Alicia's house.


I really enjoyed your story. +10 vote and all that.
Cake Cake
woah the chapters make a little sentance thingy
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