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Laugh It All Off

and yet miraculously somehow

Mikey was relatively surprised when he opened his locker on the Tuesday and found no Angharad inside. He had gotten pretty used to be greeted by her falling from his locker; sometimes he would even dare to catch her. And the funny thing is, she never snapped at him when he caught her.

He didn't dwell on the fact that Angharad wasn't in his locker and instead just put the books he didn't need in and closed the door.

Every lesson that he didn't have with Frank sucked because Frank made lessons funny and a lot less boring (though the lessons were still boring when they did the work, but Frank just made their conversations and whatnot entertaining) so Mikey knew that today was going to blow.

Just as he was heading towards his next class someone ran past him, shoulder knocking into him which made him lose his balance and fall to the ground. Looking the way they ran, Mikey could just about make out that it wasn't a someone, but rather it was people – Mark and Shawn were the ones running. Mikey could tell who they were just from the back of their heads.

Mark and Shawn had decided that they were going to get Angharad back for all the antagonising that she does to them. The funny thing about Angharad was, when looking at her, she didn't look like one to be a victim of bullying at school. Her exterior was tough, like she didn't give a shit about people and wouldn't let anyone walk over her.

It's why many people were intimidated about her, but Mikey realised that her exterior was probably false – a mask of such.

When Mikey turned the corner he found Angharad trying to pick up all her stuff that was on the floor. There seemed to be lots of small pieces of paper which Mikey soon realised where bits of paper that either Mark or Shawn had ripped up. The paper had obviously belonged to Angharad and was something that she needed because judging by her facial expression, she looked severely pissed.

Mikey swore he could see a hurt expression on her face but thought nothing of it because it didn't seem likely that it was right. He knew that Angharad didn't really show emotion so a hurt expression would be something out of character for her. But even though he thought nothing of it, it didn't stop him from feeling a bit worried, if you wish, about her.

“Want some help?” Mikey asked quietly making Angharad look up, startled over the fact that someone else was near. She hadn't heard him approach.

When she looked up Mikey could see that she was bleeding from somewhere in her hair – the blood was slowly dribbling down the side of her face and he couldn't see a cut or graze anywhere on her face.

“You're bleeding,” Mikey stated, not waiting for the answer that Angharad clearly wasn't going to give to his previous question.

All she did was roll her eyes. “No shit, Mikey, wouldn't you be bleeding if your head hit against the corner of a locker?”


“Exactly. Now what the fuck did you want?”

Mikey scratched his head. “I wanted to see whether you wanted any help but now that I see you're bleeding...”

“No, I don't,” she snapped before going back to picking up the paper on the floor.

Mikey just stood there a little awkwardly, not knowing whether he should just walk away or not because seriously, she was bleeding and it looked like there wasn't anything she was planning to do about it. Though he knew he should be getting to his lesson (the bell had gone like two minutes ago) Mikey didn't move from where he was stood.

A few seconds past before Angharad stopped what she was doing and sighed. “Sorry,” she said, knowing full well that Mikey was still standing there and hadn't just left. It was why she said it.

“Um... what?” Mikey asked incredulously.

“I'm not repeating myself,” she scowled.

“You're sorry... for what?”

Angharad rolled her eyes at how stupid he was being. “I snapped at you for being nice. Don't make me take it back.”

Mikey hesitated. “But why are you saying sorry? You never have before.”

It was almost as if Mikey didn't want her to have said sorry – which wasn't true, he appreciated that she did – he was only curious as to why she did because she hadn't before, and he was okay with that because he realised that it was who she was.

“Just take the fucking apology, Mikey,” Angharad snapped before sighing. “Sorry... sorry – just... don't question it; take the apology, it was hard enough as it is.”

“Okay...” Mikey mumbled, not quite understanding what she was going on about. Then it was almost as if he had only just noticed that she was still bleeding. “You're still bleeding. Let me take you to the nurse?”

Angharad was going to say something but thought better of it and just gave Mikey a short nod before closing her bag and going with Mikey to the nurse.

Mikey was just really confused as to why she was being nice to him now.


I really enjoyed your story. +10 vote and all that.
Cake Cake
woah the chapters make a little sentance thingy
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