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Laugh It All Off

you need a uniform

When Mikey opened his locker door he barely had time to step out the way before a body came tumbling out from it, landing on the floor with a hard thud. He blinked several times to make sure that he had just seen what he thought he did.

“What the fuck?!” Frank said from next to him, staring at the girl on the floor.

The girl was shaking her head slowly almost as if she was waking herself up or something like that. Looking up at the boys she then rolled her eyes. “Someone fucking owns this locker now, finally,” she muttered. Picking herself up off the floor, she then proceeded to brush down her skirt before turning on her heel and stalking off down the hallway.

The two boys just stared after her before Frank mumbled, “You're welcome.”

Mikey looked back in his locker and couldn't help but think that she must have been quite squashed in it. His old locker used to be across the school and was slightly wider than this new one was. The only reason why he had to change lockers was because his old one no longer had a door. Two weekends ago the school had been broken into and several lockers were vandalised, and Mikey's was one of them.

To say the Head Teacher was pissed was an understatement. And there were no leads as to who did it which made him even more unhappy about it.

“She's that girl that's weirder then Gerard is,” Frank said, leaning against the locker next to Mikey's, “she antagonises the bullies as if she actually wants to get beat up.”

Rolling his eyes, Mikey slammed the locker door closed once he had discarded books he didn't need. “Since when were you a gossip?” All Frank did was shrug his shoulders.

They parted ways so Frank could head to his Maths class and Mikey could make his way to his P.E lesson. Mikey hated P.E because he didn't find running five laps of the cross-country course fun at all.

“Listen up boys, the girls are going to be joining us for today seeing as they don't have a teacher today. No funny business between any of you, got it?” the boys' P.E teacher announced to the class of boys who were standing around by the cross-country course.

It was no secret that the school was slowly edging closer to bankruptcy. Several teachers had been given the sack, which was why the girls were missing a P.E teacher. They were even mixing classes together so that there were enough teachers to go around. Mikey even had two classes with his brother who was two years ahead of him.

It was that bad.

Mikey noticed that some of the known bullies of the school nudged one another in the side as the girls were lead by a teacher over to where they were all standing. He ran his eyes over the girls to see whether any of them were ones that he knew were bullied by them.

There wasn't much he could do about stopping them being bullied, he had only just gotten pushed aside as a bully victim. He didn't enjoy his first two years being pushed around; he had to get new glasses three times within them two years. That made Mikey glad that he was no longer a target in their eyes.

His eyes got to the end of the girls and he noticed that the girl who fell out of his locker was there. She was the only one not in P.E kit and instead she stood there with her arms crossed and a bored look on her face.

Mikey took this time to look over her properly. She had a skirt that sat just above her knees with boots that came up to just below her knees. He couldn't see her top but he could see she was wearing a hoodie of sort, he couldn't quite see what sort of hoodie it was.

Their school didn't really have a strict uniform but it did have certain clothing guidelines that they had to go by. Such as girls weren't allowed to wear trousers that rode too low on their hips or skirts that rode too high up their legs. They also couldn't wear tops that hung low enough that their bra could be seen.

The boys didn't really have anything they weren't allowed to wear; they were just told they can't wear anything unacceptable.

“Alright, five laps of the course. I don't wanna see no one slacking,” the teacher shouted before blowing his whistle which made everyone begin running. Mikey reluctantly began a slow run behind everyone. He wasn't anywhere near as athletic as he could be which was also a part of the reason why he hated P.E.

As everyone was running the teacher went up to the girl who was just standing there in her own clothes. “Is there any reason as to why you're the only one standing here and not running? And also not in kit?” he asked her, folding his arms across his chest.

“I'm excused from P.E for the whole year,” she told him to which he just raised his eyebrow in a disbelieving manner, “go ask the school nurse to pull my records up if you don't believe me.”



“Stay where you are, I'm going to check.” With that the P.E teacher walked away and headed towards the school buildings. The girl stayed where she was and when the teacher came back with an annoyed look on his face, she smirked to herself.

When he passed her, the P.E teacher nodded at her confirming that she was, in fact, excused from P.E for the rest of the year.

She spent the whole lesson just watching the others run round the cross-country course, no expression on her face. Each one of the bullies she saw looked at her, confusion on their faces as to why she wasn't running with them. Because she antagonised them at times, they were going to get her during the lesson.

But no, she wasn't running.

She was standing by herself, counting the days.

Seventy eight days to go.


I really enjoyed your story. +10 vote and all that.
Cake Cake
woah the chapters make a little sentance thingy
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