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True life of frerard

Blood, tears and sweat

A while had passed and I still layed, watching the ceiling thinking about what bert might of done.I tried so hard to not believe any thoughts that rushed into my racing head. I needed to get up but franks face moved closer burying itself into my neck, his hot breath hitting me as my hair stuck up and I shivered. For a week I hadn't seen him, I missed him so much! Mumbled words came from frank quietly, I held my breath trying to figure out what he was saying. I listened closer.
"im not good enough, to dirty after what bert did" his hands scratched at his skin like he was trying to rip it apart or 'clean himself'. I grabbed his hands and pulled them away which woke him. Tears fled from my eyes and ran down my cheeks, it felt like my whole world had been shattered into tiny pieces.
"Gerard!!" Franks voice was surprised and he suddenly wrapped his arms around me crying hard into my chest. I pulled him off and gazed into his broken eyes,
"you need to tell me what happened..." I pleaded through my sobs.
"d-don't make me talk about it!" Instantly the mood changed, I'm not letting this go! I'm not letting what happened pass until he told me! I needed to know.
"I'm sorry! But I need to know...please?!" If I could I would've gotten down on my knees and begged but I didn't need to.
"Bert he...r-rape-" I flung my arms around his waist and held him tight we both sat holding eachother for what seemed a lifetime, both in tears. How could I let this happen?!


It's only short sorry.
But this update is for holly :3 x


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No it's gotta be happy gee can't die!!

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