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True life of frerard

He's perfect!

"Hey frank did you see the new guy?!" Ray asked with a nudge.
"new guy?" My face was puzzled and created an unattractive look.
"yeah he's in your form!!" My face flushed red at the thought of what he might look like! I tried to shake it off knowing that I was being stupid. The bell went and I ran to form as quickly as I could trying to get the seat at the back of the class.
"now everyone this is gerard he's new an will be in a form!" She looked around for a seat when I raised my hand possibly too quickly. "Ahh gerard there" she pointed to the seat next to me and I flushed red again. His face was perfect and crystal clear perfectly white and his cheek bones made him look even better. His dark black hair dropped over his face and complementing him perfectly. He was just so amazing!! Frank shut up your not gay! Or at least I though. He looked straight into my eyes and grinned...what was he thinking?
"hey" I said he didn't reply though he just sat there and looked blankly at a comic. I tapped him and made him jump "sorry dude!" He smiled and said "what lesson are you in next?" We both had art. My favourite!! We walked to the lesson together and instantly liked him...but I wasn't gay!


Hey guys sorry it's not very good this is my first one!! Comment and tell me what I could improve on in my next chapter!
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No it's gotta be happy gee can't die!!

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