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Can't Find My Way Home

Chapter 4

“What are you doing clocking in early Owens?” Steven shouted as he made his way to the front counter. Hunter jumped as she turned from the computer where they punched in their hours.
“Rolanda asked me to start since I was here and I was clocking in.” Hunter explained, adjusting her name tag nervously. “No! You don't even have gloves on and your hands aren't washed and your shirt isn't tucked in. Clock out and clock back in when you're ready.” Steven told her. Hunter frowned as she walked towards the back break room, “Fuck.” she mumbled, feeling her blood start to boil.
When she finally did start, they put her on grill again. This had to be a punishment, she'd been working front counter the whole week, and now she was on grill? She was sweating, heart racing, as she hurriedly prepared all the food. “Hurry up Hunter!” another manager yelled at her while she was putting more meat down. There were five people at the front, and non of them could help her?
“I'm trying my best, there’s only one of me! Can anyone help me please?” she begged as she ran to get more fish to put in the fryer. Nobody answered, “Then no one fucking tell me to hurry up then!” she shouted in rage. Again, everyone ignore her, she growled as she continued working.
Grill was the worst for her, the heat in her eyes always made her contacts go fuzzy and burn. The fumes chocked her and acted up her asthma, she felt always on the verge of passing out with the running and no air conditioning. But its not like anyone cared, as ling as they could shove a Big Mac down their throats. Hunter had been working five hours nonstop until they finally decided to give her a break. She immediately took off to the bathroom in the lobby, where she wiped her face, and began to sob uncontrollably.
This job was the definition of hell, but it was the only one that would hire her. It was greasy, dirty, face paced, and she was forever unappreciated. She was always told by the grandparents that every job was like that, but she couldn't take it. She always felt as if she was destined for more than just the old 9-5.
It wasn't long until she found herself just sitting on the cold floor to cool off, head against the wall under the sink, thinking. There was a soft knock on the door. Who the fuck knocks on a public restroom? She thought. But then again, these customers were at her McDonalds, they had to be daft. She ignored it until the door opened.
“Gee?” she said as the frame of her best friend walked in. “You know you're getting too comfortable in girls' bathrooms.” she joked with a wet chuckle. Gerard sat in front of her, “I always seem to find myself in here don't I? But why? Because you always seem to be crying in them.” he pointed out, handing her a clean paper towel he got before sitting down. She thanked him as she wiped her eyes.
“I hate it here, I hate all of them. I hate it all so much, hate is a strong word but I mean it. I just wanna drop the salt shaker into the fry oil and run.” she ranted, working herself up again. Gerard put a hand on her knee, “Don't shit yourself hun, this is a bathroom but not the right part.” he jested, seeing her start to go stiff with rage. “Me and Mikey stepped in to say hi, but I guess now we're just going to have to steal you.” he smiled, taking her by the arm and standing them both up. “Gee no, I need these hours, I'm never going to save up anything if I leave now. I'll get over it, I just-” Hunter started, but Gerard placed a finger over her lips, silencing her. He didn't need to say anything, the look on his face told her there'd be no use fighting him. She put her hat back on and walked out into the lobby with him, Mikey waved to them from a table. Gerard titled his head upwards at him, a gesture that told him to stand. Then, with Hunter firmly in his grasp, they walked out from the place, got into the car, and left. Luckily, Hunter grabbed all her stuff when she went on break, so there was no need to go back. “I'm really not sure what I'd do without you guys.” Hunter sighed as she rolled down the window and stuck her head out. Gerard watched her hair flap around her upset face as he drove. That is, until he caught Mikey out of the corner of his eye watching him.
They ended up have an amazing time going to an arcade then park for the rest of the night. Hunter noticed it was three in the morning and there was no way her grandparents would allow her to walk into the house at such a late time. Gerard offered to have her sleep over, and that was where they were now. Gee was on the floor in Mikey's room while Hunter slept in his bed. She felt a strange sense of belonging there, everything in his room interested her. She gazed at the hand finished pictures, and food while counting down the days until graduation. Her legs were itching, they were ready to run.


just a filler chapter, sorry its boring, lol


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