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Can't Find My Way Home

Chapter 2

“Well what?”
“What do you think of my new hat?” Gerard asked, pointing up to the brown fedora on his head. They were walking through the crowded halls of their school. They were forced to inch their way along the side walls to avoid being shoved by their classmates.
“Its awful, you look like a grade A douche.” Hunter said honestly. Gerard glared at her while he snatched the hat off his head. “Mikey thought it was cool.” he murmured. “Yes, but Mikey also thinks you're cool.” Hunter pointed out, smiling, Gerard shoved her forward, nearly making her trip over her own feet.
They finally made it to their lockers and began putting their stuff away for the day. “You coming over?” Gerard asked as they made their way to the parking lot. “Either that or choke on the tension at my place.” Hunter answered, as they neared Gee's car they saw his little brother Mikey leaning against it.
“You don't have to work today? You have to work everyday!” Gerard stated as he unlocked the doors. They greeted Mikey before getting in, Hunter not even having to fight for front seat. “Yeah I do, but I don't feel like going. All they're going to do is suspend me for a week, I see it more of a vacation.” Hunter replied.
“Is working at McDonalds really that bad?” Mikey questioned, leaning up from the backseat. “You wanna try and find out?” Hunter asked him. He shook his head, he'd heard far too many horror stories about Hunter's job. They arrived to the Way house in a matter of minutes, Gerard called out a hello, but there was no answer. There usually wasn't at this time, seeing as his mom usually worked until later, but he always felt the need to do that. Mikey ran to drop his things off before heading to his friend Frank's house, something to do about a new video game, while Gerard and Hunter headed down to his room in the basement.
Hunter took her usual spot on his bed while Gee sat at his desk, taking out some crumbled pieces of paper and an sharpened pencil to begin drawing something. She watched him closely, she loved watching his hand glide across the paper. The way it's move fast when he'd struck and idea, then the intensity and frustration it'd gain if he had to erase something. He'd found his talent early on, his life meaning, he was going to be a comic-book writer, and he was damn good at it.
“You're strange, you know that?” He said suddenly, Hunter felt as if she'd been in a trance letting her mind wander, she snapped out of it. “Yeah I know that, but why are you bringing it up now?” She cheekily replied. Gerard was now looking at her, he laughed “I find what you do interesting. Most people just wait until I'm done and look at the drawing for a good five seconds. You watch me draw, then stare at it for a long time.” he explained.
Hunter shrugged her shoulders, “I always thought the process of anything was the most interesting part. You can either mess up horribly or create something great, either way you've changed something completely.”
“You're being way too fucking deep for me right now I'm going to need you to stop.” Gerard joked, Hunter smirked and threw a pillow at him. “What are you working on anyway?” she hopped off the bed and was now peering over his shoulder.
“Well besides a way to make you stop breathing so loud, I've come up with this cool idea. Its like a post-apocalyptic story about people trying to survive. I haven't come up with a name yet... it's going to be so cool though.” he described vaguely. Hunter watched him for another moment before walking back to his bed and laying down. Her phone began to buzz, but she knew it was just her job calling and asking where she was. She ignored it and began to daydream.
Her daydreams were always bittersweet. She liked to think of a time in the future where she was the frontman of a popular band. She was so energetic and witty and outgoing, she loved the feel of the stage. Then she liked to think about conversations she'd have with fans and the pictures they'd take and sometimes even all the twitter wars she'd get into with celebrities she thought were bad role models. The bitter part of it all was, she knew it would never happen. Putting together a band has had no results for her, plus she'd need talent to be in it. Then she was incredibly shy and had a lisp she was embarrassed about. Right now she was no more than a high school senior with a job and no money.
“Run away with me Gee.” she said aloud what she had been thinking. Gerard paused for a moment, but continued his work, “Can't I have that play I'm supposed to do next month. Plus I'm not ready for commitment.” he told her.
“I'm not asking you to marry me dumbass, I'm saying lets empty our bank accounts and just get in the car and go somewhere.” she went on.
“Oh! Well that'll be easy considering our bank accounts are already empty.” he jested looking at her from the desk.
“I hate you,” she snarled, “But honestly, can you tell me you never thought of that? Just leaving your life here and starting a new one somewhere where no one knows your name and you have to make one for yourself? Its so easy to just get up and go and change your life in this world, yet so many people are too afraid.”
“Nobody knows our names here, we can stay here and start anew.”
“You're making jokes and I'm being serious Gerard!” Hunter huffed, now starting to get annoyed.
“Okay how about this, after we graduate if you want to run away we can do that. That gives us time to save up and I'll even use my car. Deal? But you're such a homebody I'm sure you'll want to stay.” he added to brighten the mood once more.
“The only reason I stay here is because of you, and thats why I'm taking you with me.” Hunter said, getting up and ruffling Gerard's hair before laying on his shoulder with her arms around his neck. “I could never leave my BFF behind.” she said happily before excusing herself to make them some coffee.
“Best friend forever.” Gerard whispered to himself, the blush in his cheeks starting to fade



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