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May Death Never Stop You


"Pay attention, for the story I’m about to tell you will drive you mad."

Gerard Way was very close to his brother, Mikey. So, it's understandable that he feels upset when Mikey is found brutally murdered. But, as Gerard soon discovers, death is never the end.

[Rated for violence, language, sexual activity, rape, etc. Major AU, Victorian Era type-thing. Ferard, Pikey, hints of Waycest, if that's how you choose to see it. P.O.V. changes each chapter.]


Death [Cat incarnation]

Death [Cat incarnation]

The version of Death that comes to Mikey when he dies. Born around Cleopatra's time. Retired, but sticks around to help on occasion.

Frank Iero II

Frank Iero II

Deceased at age 16. Cause of death: suicide. Mikey's best friend. Member of the Black Parade.

General Robert Bryar

General Robert Bryar

Deceasd at age 29. Cause of death: Fatal gunshot. General in the British army, WWI casualty.

Gerard Arthur Way

Gerard Arthur Way

Deceased at age 22. Cause of death: cancer. Protective of his younger brother- so much so, he took on the burden of being Death. Leader of the Black Parade.

Michael James Way

Michael James Way

Deceased at age 17. Cause of death: numerous stab wounds. Kind, sympathetic, and the newest incarnation of Death. Member of the Black Parade.

Mother War

Mother War

Deceased at age 63. Cause of death: bombing victim. Face is horribly disfigured, WWI casualty.

Peter Wentz

Peter Wentz

Deceased at age 19. Cause of death: unknown- suspected that he died of grief. Mikey's secret lover. (Eventual) Member of the Black Parade.

Raymond Toro

Raymond Toro

Deceased at age 22. Cause of death: bullet to the head. Detective. Found dead after discovering who killed Mikey. Member of the Black Parade.


  1. [Prologue] Death Explains the Afterlife

    "Death will not stop you, either, if you’re willing to take the journey. Pay attention, for the story I’m about to tell you will drive you mad." [Gerard's P.O.V.]

  2. The Final Day of Michael Way

    "...Death must be sympathetic, kind… you are a gentle soul. That’s why you were chosen." [Mikey's P.O.V. Rape warning]

  3. The Face of Death

    “I’ve been watching you, brother,” Michael murmured, “I… I’ve missed you, too. And Pete, I miss him.” [Split P.O.V.- Frank, Ray, Gerard, in that order]

  4. World of Black and White

    ​​“…Were your last days peaceful?” [Frank's P.O.V.]

  5. Love Never Fades

    “I love you, Pete. We’ll be together again… forever and always.” [Pete's POV]

  6. Undisclosed Desires

    “If I were able to breath, I’d say you took my breath away.” [Gerard's P.O.V.]

  7. Seeing is Believing

    "​​The only thing I could think of, though, was the book.​​" [Mikey's P.O.V.]

  8. Sixth Sense

    "Surely this had to be grief getting to me, and not my… condition." [Patrick's P.O.V.]

  9. Dying Young

    "...they had three children, all of them younger than six. They had their whole lives ahead of them.” [Frank's P.O.V.]

  10. Someone Call the Doctor

    “Try to relax. You’re not going to feel a thing.” [Pete's P.O.V.]

  11. Death’s Enchiridion

    “There’s a manual for being Death?” [Patrick's P.O.V.]

  12. Visitations

    "...twelve years is far too long.” [Ray's P.O.V.]

  13. War is the Answer

    "And, lastly, I’d just like to say that blue is not your colour. Please, do us all a favor and stick to red.” [Gerard's P.O.V.]

  14. Love and Lust

    “It’s been so long since you and I made love, you know.” [Mikey's P.O.V.]

  15. Grains of Sand

    “An obstacle was encountered that required my… immediate attention.” [Frank's P.O.V.]

  16. The War Begins

    “I’m so happy that we’re together in this, Mikey." [Pete's P.O.V.]


*honking duck laugh*
This is why I don't laugh during hunting season.

Stitches Stitches

Oh, I've got a few ideas. *evil, disgusting laughter*

Ah, yeah, military men aren't typically your most caring individuals. Slapping him around a little might help. Or make it worse. Either way.

Stitches Stitches


Stitches Stitches

I'd rather not discuss it.