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You Will Never Forget Gerard Way

You Saved Me From My Self Destruction

You're walking. You don't really know why. You just needed some time by yourself for a moment. The busy street rushes by, but all sound is replaced with the music blaring from your headphones. With no particular destination, you walk. iPod on shuffle, and hands in pockets. Soon enough, a song by one of your favourite bands begins to play. Famous Last Words, by My Chemical Romance. You love this song. The raw emotion and stunning lyrics draw you in, as you sing along with every word.

Once again, you're in a land of your own. Nothing matters except you, the music, and the words. Beautiful, complicated words that pour from your mouth, slightly off-key. You don't care that you can't sing very well. This is the music that saved you, trivial things like that are unimportant.

Your blissful little paradise is interrupted, a stranger has walked into you headfirst, toppling you both to the ground. "I'm so sorry!" You hear a voice say, and a hand appears, presumably to help you up. You take the hand, and are hauled to your feet.
You look up, and everything stops.

It's him.

You stare, open-mouthed, in complete shock. Standing before you in all his glory, is the one and only Gerard Way.

He smiles gently. Your heart feels as though it's about to burst.
But instead, the tears come. Relentlessly, like you've never cried before. A pair of arms immediately wrap around your trembling frame.
"Oh, honey, don't cry. It's okay, I'm sorry. Are you hurt?" He says, sympathetically. You've heard his voice before, in interviews, songs, concerts, but it's even more lovely in person. Just... Him. His hazel eyes that can never decide if they want to be green or brown or both. His slightly upturned nose, and strong jawline. His hands. Calloused from drawing and writing, soft and pale.
He just said sorry. Why would he be sorry?
"Don't say that, don't be sorry. You're amazing, I love you. You saved me. You and Frank and Mikey and Ray saved me from my self destruction, and I love you so much." You babble, wrapping your arms around him. Tears are beginning to dry on your cheeks. He rubs your back soothingly, and you can literally feel a grin radiating from him.
"It's okay, sugar. You're okay. I love you too." You almost die of shock. He said that. He really just said that. Your body shakes with sobs once more, and Gerard does the unthinkable.

He starts to sing.
You cry even more when you realise what he's singing. The World Is Ugly.

You look back on that day, and recognise it as one of the best moments of your life. Gerard Way showed his compassion and immense kindness for his fans, and for you; in a moment of vulnerability. He gave you a shoulder to cry on, and a box to tick on your list of dreams.

Gerard Way made you feel loved, needed, necessary. You were in his presence for a mere ten minutes, but those ten minutes changed your life.

You will never forget Gerard Way.


Sure! Ill check it out!
NeverComingHome NeverComingHome
Unfortunately this one is finished, but you can check out my other story!
Velvacora Velvacora
Keep writing it some how! I love it so much
NeverComingHome NeverComingHome
Thanks very much! ^_^
Velvacora Velvacora
;_; Beautiful... I LOVE IT
NeverComingHome NeverComingHome