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To The End

It isn't a party until you bring the wine

I arrive at Italian Restaurant, this place is completely fucking packed. "Hello, is it just you tonight?" the waitress says distractedly, typing something in on her computer. "No, there should be someone waiting?" she nods. "This way" she walks off, and I follow. She leads me to a table, instead of just Mikey being there, the whole band

Gerard smiles "Hey, Dakota" I smile and wave "hi..." gosh I can hardly speak in front of them. I sit down in the empty seat. Its pretty awkward for a few minutes or so. "So. You guys, this is Dakota." Mikey definitely noticed noticed the awkwardness (for he is the king of awkwardness. All hail Mikey Way, the king of awkward). They all nod "Frank, Ray, Bob" they all nod when he says their name. Ha, like he needed to introduce them. I'm sitting Next to Frank and Mikey. Fucking yes. The waitress walks up, "Are you ready, now that you all are here?" she sounds like a bitch, she looks like a bitch. She's got a side ponytail. A side ponytail. I look at the menu, She looks at us all, who are just looking at her blankly, she sighs.

"For instance, what would you all like to drink?" I blink "OH, sorry. Um, just bring me a glass of your Merlot?" she laughs. "Suure." That was awfully exaggerated for a sure. "Excuse me?" she smiles. "Yes sweetie, you have to be 21 to by alcohol." What a bitch! I scoff, not noticing all of the guys laughing. "Maybe you should ask before making a fuss" I pull out my id and show her, "That proof, enough?" gosh I think the whole place is looking at us now. Oh my god oh my god. Why couldn't I just have gotten Pepsi?! I like pepsi. But I really do love wine. I smile, then wave my hand "Shoo, shoo" she walks off, now embarrassed, having the whole restaurant look at her. Now I look next to me, and Frank is dying, I swear. He had his hand covering his mouth, but he is laughing so hard his face has turned bright red he's doing that little squeaking thing and its completely fucking adorable.. Now, we all laugh at him. When he is done laughing, several minutes later. He points to me and smiles "I like you, Dakota" he says, still giggling a bit.

"Well, I like you too, Frank" He smiles. "WELL. As that was a completely unnecessary distraction for a glass of wine, shall we talk about what we came to talk about?" Mikey grins, clasping his hands together on top of the table "We really don't actually need to talk about anything. We just had to get the guys' approval of you. You know, we don't really want to be stuck with someone we hate for the whole tour. So we'll need to get to know you and shit." oh. I see. "Yeah..." Frank grins "I think we're okay touring with her. You're pretty, short and sassy. I like that" I smack his shoulder "I'm not short!" Frank looks over to Ray and Bob . "How tall are you?" I have to think on that. When was the last time I even checked? "Maybe 5' 5"" they all laugh again "You're just the same as Frank." Frank pouts "I'm fun sized." Gerard giggles and they exchange glances. "Approval of Dakota?" Gerard asks, everyone else nods. "Ha! Welcome to the family" Frank hugs me. Holy shit, I'm being hugged by Frank Iero (he gives the best hugs). Bob was right behind Frank, and right in my view. "Is he always like this?" I mouth, he smiles and nods. I really don't mind. I hope I get unlimited Frank hugs.

"Well, that was... nice." I say when we're all outside. "It was great" Gerard and Frank say almost simultaneously, looking at each other... Hmm. We all say bye and shit. I got all of their phone numbers and they took mine. I start to walk back towards my house, which is only a few blocks away, really. "NO!" I hear Frank yell from behind me. I turn around, and he's running towards me. His hair is flying all around and covering his eyes/ "What?!" He shakes his head, he's breathing heavily and his hair is all over the place. "Dakota, we live in New Jersey, it's almost 10pm, do you know the creeps that walk in the shadows here? You are not walking home!" Mikey, Ray, Gerard, and Bob nod. "I agree" Mikey says. I sigh, "What do you want me to do then?! I can't afford a taxi" they all look at each other, then back to me. "We could give you a ride" Ray suggests. I laugh "Like you guys have a car big enough..." "Oh, good point." We all are silent for a moment. "I'll walk with you" Frank and Mikey say at the same time, then glare a bit at each other. I heard a bit of an exasperated gasp from Gerard, who had his hands on his hips. I can't see what Frank does, because his back was facing me, but whatever it was, it caused Gerard to calm down, then Bob, Mikey, and Ray cower away. "C'mon guys. Really?!" Frank turns back to face me, and his grin... Priceless.

"Anyway... you guys want to go now?" Frank and Mikey nod. They turn back towards the guys. "Are we meeting at Bob's?" they nod. I turn and start walking, ignoring their conversation. I hum quietly as we walk to my apartment. It's really quiet right now. Quiet as in, we aren't talking. You know in middle school when you'd kinda hold your hand open a little bit closer to someone, in hopes they'll catch on and hold it? Yeah Frank and Mikey are doing that at this moment. I keep looking over at the both of them. Frank seems to be getting closer to me by the minute. Gradually scooting over. "What'cha singing over there?" he is really close now... I think our shoulders are brushing... "Um... who I forgot. Damn what is it" I snap my fingers a few times, trying to remember. "Oooh! Astro Zombies!" Frank and Mikey both look at me, actually, they look a bit astonished. "What?" Mikey smiles. "You like Misfits?" I nod "Of course! They're one of my favorites" I turn to my apartment building, that we were now standing in front of, then begin the hassle of unlocking the main door. "I've not met a lot of girls who like them." I finally get the door open, "You guys want to come inside?" They nod, timidly. I close the door behind them, then lead them to the lift. I press the button, and we wait silently. Gosh this silence is oozing with awkwardness. The door opens and we shuffle inside. I press the button for the third floor, them watching me. Gosh, why are they watching me so... closely?

The door opens, and there Madeline is, waiting for the elevator. "Oh. Hey Madeline" she waves to me, then notices Frank and Mikey. I think she just about had a heart attack. I lead them to my door, which is right in front of the elevator. I look back and see Madeline mouth "Oh my god!" then the door closed. I giggle, then unlock my door. A couple of lights were on, I guess Madeline turned those on so Izzy wouldn't be in the dark... oh.. Izzy! I hear her running from my room, her claws scraping against the floor. She runs out and sees Mikey and Frank. She starts barking at them, "It's okay Izz" I kneel down by her and pet her, she must understand what I was trying to tell her, because she stops barking, then walks to Frank and starts sniffing his legs, closer to his feet "Izzy, what are you doing?" Frank laughs "She probably smells my dogs" "Oh..." how was I supposed to know he has dogs?!?. I turn several lights on, "You guys want a drink?" Frank nods "Yeah" I bend down and scratch Izzy's ear. "What do yo-" he shrugs "Surprise me." Okay then. "Mikey?" he shakes his head. "Okay then..." I sigh and walk to the kitchen. I open the fridge, the contents were: cheese, beer, mustard, and pickles. I believe that Madeline had said I have a "Man refrigerator" I really don't know what she means though.


Sorry I am awfully damn slow at writing things, its just that I have a few other stories going right now and on top of that I have school and shit to deal with. I just apologize for not updating and I shall try to soon.


@The black parade
I promise to update as soon as I can. I've just got a few other stories that are scheduled and its just a whole lotta work ._.
Dude you need to update pronto
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