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To The End

Coffee is a girl's best friend.

I sit up from my bed and rub the sleep from my eyes, adjusting to the light seeping through the blinds. I yawn and throw my legs over the side of the bed, wrapping myself in the threadbare sheet. I stand up and stumble, my legs still asleep. I moan and hug the blanket tighter, shivering. "Yo, Izzy!" I shout out, a few moments later I can hear the sound of her paws scraping against the hardwood floor. She slides to a stop next to me, wagging her tail and pawing at my feet. I smile and pet her gently. "You want some food? I'm starving." she pads out of the room, towards the kitchen, I stumble along behind her. I grab a scoop of dog food and dump it in the door. Izzy looks up at me and lays down in front of her food bowl,picking pieces out and setting them around the bowl, and then eating them.

I proceed to make coffee after this, only to discover the horrifying fact that I am completely out of it. Ugh, should I go to the store..? No, no that's too far away and I don't feel like waiting that long, plus I'll have a headache by then. I figured out that I am actually addicted to caffeine, and if I don't have it in the morning then I'll get a headache and its annoying as fuck and I should probably try to stop drinking so much coffee. I do live right by a coffee shop, I think that's actually a reason why I chose this apartment in the first place, another is that its cheap and actually nice.

As I do make my way to the coffee shop, I begin to get a headache. This is probably caused by the facts that 1) Caffeine addiction 2) I've run out of contacts and my glasses are broken (courtesy of Izzy). Ugh. I order some black coffee and its out to me in about a second or so. I try to read the text on my cup, and then remember that I don't have any contacts on. Maybe I should buys some more on the way home. Ugh that would take so long. Holy shit, I am really lazy. I don't actually have anything to do, I do indeed have a job (At Barnes and Noble) but I only work on the weekdays. It is in fact Saturday morning. Well, Saturday afternoon. Holy shit this coffee is absolutely perfect, wow great way to start the day score super amazing yes. There's only one table left, and its a booth that is probably meant for four, I say fuck it and sit there anyway.

To enjoy the beautiful afternoon, I stare out of the window while drinking my coffee. I just sit there for a while, thinking. They refilled my cup twice. There's a lot of shit I have to get done this weekend, ugh. I don't want to. All I want to do is sleep and be the lazy turd I am. Once I look away from the window, next to me are two guys, I can barely see what they look like because I am blind as a fucking bat for Christs sake. I can see their general appearance, though. The one closest to me has short blond'ish [I guess] hair and glasses, he's holding two cups of what I'm assuming is coffee, and the other has longer black hair and huge dark sunglasses, he has his hands on his hips and is looking around the shop. "Hey, Gee. There's nowhere to sit" The blonde one says, his eyes falling upon me for a moment. His voice actually sounds familiar, "well..." he begins, but trails off, probably nothing there to complete the sentence anyway.

I sigh and look at the seats across from me, a pang of guilt washing over me. I look up at them, "I've overheard your conversation, and if you don't mind sitting with a complete stranger for coffee than you can sit with me, if you'd like." The dark-haired one smiles and shrugs, sitting down across from me. The blonde sighs heavily, mumbling curses at the dark-haired one. Its quite awkward for a while, we all just sit there awkwardly drinking our coffee. I really can't stand awkward silences, they make me crazy. "So... I'm Dakota" I smile slightly, the dark haired one (who is sitting across from me) takes his sunglasses off and holds his hand out across the table. I shake it. "Nice to meet you, Dakota. I'm Gerard, and this prick over here is my brother Michael" he giggles. "Its Mikey." the blonde one, Mikey, corrects, gritting his teeth. Oh well Christ now I know who they are. Might have known sooner if I had some glasses.

"So..." Gerard begins, but is interrupted by a cellphone ringing. He reaches in his pocket and pulls a flip phone out and flips it open, putting it to his ear. "Yo.... whats wrong? Oh shit well tell him its fine, you know family comes first..... yeah... we don't have anyone? What about John or... oh. Well, this sucks ass, I'm sure we can find someone though.... ok. Well I guess I'll see you later. K, bro. Bye." he flips the phone shut and shoves it back in his pocket. He sighs and looks over to Mikey, they completely ignore the fact that I am still there, listening to their every word. "That was Ray." Mikey raises his eyebrows. "What'd he say?" Gerard lays down, leaning his forehead on the table. "James bailed on us" Mikey curses to himself some more and looks around, angry. "Who's James?" they both look at me, they look like they just now remembered I'm here.

"He plays keyboard for our sometimes. He just told us he wont be able to tour with us. According to our guitarist, Ray, we can't find anyone to cover" I laugh quietly. "Whats so funny?" Mikey asks, glaring at me. He sounds pissed, its kinda adorable. "I happen to play piano." a grin spreads across Gerard's face. "Are you implying something, Dakota?" Mikey proceeds to face-palm. I shrug "possibly" Gerard sighs in relief. "You are a godess" I nod. "Yeah, I know." Mikey giggles. "You wouldn't mind touring with us then?" I shake my head. "Not at all, its not like I have a life." I pull out my cell phone and look at the time. Shit. "What a coincidence" I shake my head "There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world, there is only the inevitable." they both stare at me, dumbfounded. Well, shit, they don't get it. "Anyway. I gotta go" I stand up and grab my things "Wait. You have a cellphone?" Mikey asks. I nod, "will you give me your number?" I nod. Holy shit he just asked me for my number oh wait that's because... yeah not because of... oh well a girl can dream. He hands me his phone, which already has the 'add contact' page pulled up. I type in my name 'Dakota Summers' and my number. I hand it back to him and he smiles. And since as soon as he smiles, I can feel the blood rush to my cheeks, I run out of there as fast as possible, and I don't stop running until I get home.


This is my first story on here and a re-write of my first decent fanfic so hi


@The black parade
I promise to update as soon as I can. I've just got a few other stories that are scheduled and its just a whole lotta work ._.
Dude you need to update pronto
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