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There are some weird sights in the desert..


Straight Jacket Can't believe it when she is hiding out in an abandoned shack with Dr death and the gang, when a few mysterious guests literally barge into their lives. But what will they do when things start to fall apart and there are facts that just don't add up....

I don't own mcr, or any of the characters or whatever. use the killjoy names I made up if you want, just please ask first, i'll read your fic then too :) please don't steal my plot either x

I love you all, and this is my first ever fic so please don't hate, but any c/c is awesome!!


Cry Baby AkA Johnny Depp

Cry Baby AkA Johnny Depp

pro with a ray gun, and can lie his way out of any situation. A romantic at heart, but who's will he capture?

Fun Ghoul

Fun Ghoul

Short and fun, but can be serious. Plays rythm guitar. Loves horror movies, and isn't afraid to die for his friends

Jet Star

Jet Star

has a kick ass fro, and plays awesome guitar. Is very calm and collected. the sensible one of he group.

Kobra Kid

Kobra Kid

Party's younger brother. has slight anger management issues. loves horror movies and plays bass. Very loveable, a good friend.

Party Poison

Party Poison

The leader of the fabulous killjoys. Kobra's older brother, very protective of the people he loves. Amazing singer, but drives WAY too fast.

Straight Jacket

Straight Jacket

Short and fun, doesn't have a temper. Plays bass, and self-harms. very trustworthy and loves a joke.

Stringent Death AkA Marilyn Manson

Stringent Death AkA Marilyn Manson

Fucking scary to all outsiders, but once you get to know him, he's just a regular guy after his coffee....well, as regular as a killjoy can get!!

The Girl AKA Tangent Star

The Girl AKA Tangent Star

quiet, and sorrowful when she wants to be, but when she opens up, she is crazy. Although she is only young, she can take care of herself just fine.


  1. Just sleep

    yeah, first chapter or my first fic!! enjoy my little crash queens and motor babies x

  2. Mama, we're all gonna die

    let's just say this get''s weird and a few new people arrive...

  3. Should I stay or should I go now?

    I know it's short but it's just a filler, i'm gonna explain more later :)

  4. Help her gather all my things

    A suprise visit off of an old friend

  5. Brother protect me now

    giant fucking plot twist

  6. nobody cares if you're losing yourself

    Enjoy guys!! disturbing scene for over active imaginations too x.0

  7. I don't believe in luck

    just a filler x.0

  8. and we all fall down..

    kinda short sorry

  9. I am not afraid to keep on living

    There's some science shit in this about stuff :)

  10. Na Na Na

    hehehe be warned: EXTERME SASS

  11. So sick and sad of all the needless beating

  12. In a hail of bullets

    confusing and also second to last chapter x.0



OMG i love dventure time !!!!

Black Widow Black Widow

@Black Widow

MY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *high fives high five from adventure time*

love the chapter
im dressed like a panda
who is the mystery pov

Black Widow Black Widow
@Xxblack roseXx

I wanna kick drac booty so hard that there is no more booty left to kick ;)

I wanna kick some drac booty ;)
Black Widow Black Widow