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Endless Possibilities (On Hiatus)

Chapter 6

Somewhere in the mess of things, Gerard ended up spending the night. Now I’m staring at him, unwilling to disturb his sleep. After all, it’s only six in the morning. I have to be up for work, but he should be left alone. Especially with how calm and beautiful he looks…

In the end I write him a short note explaining that I had to leave and that he’s welcome to hang around until I get home. I know Mom won’t mind. And maybe he can keep Jamia entertained for a while. Here friends are all busy with one thing or another recently, and of course her boyfriend is working and probably more worn out than I am so she’s been latching on to whatever human interaction she can find.

“Hey…Frank?” I hear a voice behind me as I am finishing up a load of dishes. I turn and see Sean looking almost…shy…

“What?” I ask cautiously.

A slight blush creeps onto his cheeks, “Um…You know Jamia really well…I was wondering if you could help me decide where to take her for a date…”

“A date?”

“Yeah…Our first. I kind of want it to be special…”

“Why? You’ve already slept with her. It’s a bit late for ‘special.’”

He sighs, “But I haven’t slept with her. I just made you think that because I wanted to upset you. I was being immature, but…Jams means a lot to me. Please, can you help?”

I dry my hands and ponder how true this may be. He looks really sincere, but it could be a joke. Still, I want Jamia to be happy. I’ll catch Hell if she’s not. “Well, she likes coffee. And as far as things not to do, don’t take her here. She’ll think you’re being cheap with your employee discount. She’s a big fan of music, so if you can find out what she likes you may be able to take her to a concert, um…I really don’t know that much to be honest. Sorry.”

He’s smiling slightly, “Thanks, Frank. I promise I won’t hurt your sister.” And with that he walks away. Weird.

I’m exhausted by the time I leave work. The boss made me stay later than Id planned and my hands are all pruny. I just want to take a hot shower and fall into bed. I don’t make it that far, though, because as soon as I’m in my bedroom I am being hugged and kissed. Oh, right. Gerard’s here. I guess I didn’t expect him to actually stay.

“Welcome home, beautiful,” he says once he allows me to breathe, “I missed you.”

I cuddle into his warm chest, “Mm, me too. This is so nice after such a long day.”

“Sean give you trouble?” He’s suddenly sounding protective.

“No. He was actually really nice today…” I tell him about Sean’s request and then continue on about my heavy work load. “I really want a relaxing shower right now…”

He brushes some hair from my face, “I bet. Would you…Like me to join you?”

I feel my cheeks turning a shade of red. Do I want him to join me? It’s such a scandalous thought, what with Jamia and Mom in the house. But at the same time… “Yeah, that sounds nice.”

We manage to slip into the bathroom unnoticed. I turn on the water and quickly undress with my back to Gerard. I know that if I stop to think about this too much I’ll chicken out. So instead I just step into the steaming shower. Moments later I feel Gerard’s arms around me, his naked torso pressed against my back. His lips on my neck.

“You’re so beautiful,” he says softly.

I slowly turn to face him and take in the sight. His soft, smooth, unbroken skin. All the way down his body. I let my eyes run slowly all the way down, and then back up, “Speak for yourself.”

I find myself suddenly pressed against the wall of the shower with Gerard kissing me fiercely. I can understand his sudden urgency as I try to grip on to the wet skin of his back. I can feel his growing erection gently pressed against my own. There is nothing in the world like this feeling. I feel so close to him, and yet I want to be closer, which is why I jump up and wrap my legs around him. Now I am held up only by his body and the wall. Sweet friction is being created by the pressure between our lower halves.

Now there is only one way I could possibly get closer, but… “Gee…Our first time can’t be like this.” I say when we break off from our kiss.”

He nods, breathing heavily, “I know. I want it to be special, too. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy ourselves.”

He drops me to the floor and his hand finds my throbbing cock. He keeps eye contact as he gently pumps me. I’m sure he wants me to acknowledge what is happening, so I hold the intimate gaze as small moans escape from my lips.

“Careful, Frankie. We don’t want to alert your family,” he says teasingly.

I really can’t help the noises I make as he quickens his pace and tightens his hold, though. So I bury my face in his shoulder and allow my sounds to be absorbed by his soft skin. My hips begin to rock in time with his hand, and soon I am at my limit, riding out my orgasm in his palm.

“God, you’re so sexy,” he whispers in my ear. I don’t respond. I just look back up at him and smirk. Because now it’s his turn.

I feel completely inadequate as I try to imitate what he did for me. Of course, I get lots of moaning out of him, and he whisper screams my name as he comes. But I’m sure he’s had experience with this sort of thing, while the only touch I’ve known is my own.

We stare breathlessly at each other for a while before I decide it’s time to get to the point of the shower. We take turns soaping each other up, and it soon turns into a giggly suds fight. Then we rinse off, and our shower is finished. I enjoyed it, as I knew I would, and I’m glad that our first real sexual encounter is behind us. I feel better knowing that I won’t be completely awkward and useless around him in times like that.

We both wrap our waists in towels before dashing back to my room and falling onto my bed. We pull on boxers before snuggling up under the blankets. We just lay there and talk for a really long time. I love moments like this. I can really open up and be myself around Gerard, because I know he loves everything about me. That’s such a cheesy thing to say, but it’s true. There’s no one else I could ever imagine being with.


Smutty, cute, Sean isn't the bad guy anymore...What more could you possibly ask for from this chapter? Tell me with a comment plz :)


Please please please pleeeeaaassseeee update !!!!

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So sweet! I just love this!! :). Xx

Please update this? It's so sweet!! :) Xx

yeah its just a really slow process sorry

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