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Endless Possibilities (On Hiatus)

Chapter 2

“Don’t break anything, don’t stay up too late, and I would say no alcohol, but Gerard’s twenty-one and I’m not stupid, so keep it at a minimum. If I hear complaints from the neighbors about noise you are all grounded. And yes Frank, that includes you. I already spoke with your mother.”

“Yeah, Mom, we get it. We’ll be good,” Gerard says, patting the small woman on the back.

She smiles and shakes her head, “I don’t know how we let you talk us into this. We’ll be back in the morning.”

She shuffles out the door behind her husband. Everyone listens as the car drives away. It’s really silent in the house. She pretty much killed the buzzing atmosphere. No kid wants to hear that their parents are okay with reckless drinking and partying. It takes the fun out of it.

“All right,” Gerard finally ends the awkwardness, “As much as I hate to be the one to break the silence…Those two motherfuckers over there just graduated! Let’s celebrate!”

I smile even though I have no clue who he’s talking to. Our party consists only of a few people. Mikey, Gerard and I, obviously, and then Jamia wormed her way in (she has a habit of doing that). Alicia came, and Gerard’s friend Sean decided to come too. Now there’s a guy I can never figure out. After a lot of drama around the time of my birthday he ended up talking to Jamia. That in itself was a mystery because up until that point he had been pretty straightforward gay for Gerard. Yeah, my Gerard. Anyway, he still hasn’t asked her out so I can’t tell if he’s at this party for her or Gee, cuz it sure as hell ain’t for me or Mikey.

Most of the people in the small group give cheers, and suddenly the house is filled with activity. Music is turned on and drinks are handed out. I have no idea what Gerard picked out, but it’s strong. I don’t really want to drink it. This is my graduation night, so I kind of want to remember it. I set my cup down and go looking for the man who handed it to me in the first place. He’s disappeared somewhere.

I don’t get very far before I hear Mikey’s voice, “Frank! Get your tiny ass over here!”

I look in the direction he yelled from and am met by the sight of hair. Lots of it. I would describe it as a giant, curly mass. Oh, and there’s a person underneath it. He’s about the same height as Mikey, but with a thicker build. Not that it’s hard to be thicker than Mikey. He has a wide set nose with plump lips. His face is actually a bit awkward, but I’m not one to judge by looks.

I walk over to the two of them and hold out my hand to the newcomer, “Hey, I’m Frank.”

“Ray,” he says, shaking my hand.

I raise an eyebrow, “Ah, so you’re the man crush.”

He looks genuinely confused by what I just said, but Mikey is shooting daggers at me with his eyes. I’m starting to think he doesn’t know how to take a joke. Fortunately I don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of the situation for long. The most beautiful man in the world rescues me.

“Ray, you made it! And you’ve met my Frankie.”

I feel a warm hand slip into mine and smile. His Frankie. He claims me. I still can’t get over that fact.

“Yeah, and I can already tell he’s as weird as you two goofballs.”

“You say that like it’s an insult.”

“Not at all. The little dude’s all right.”

The conversation turns to idle chatter, mostly involving me defending my height. Just because I’m short doesn’t mean I want other people making jokes about it. Eventually our little group splits up. Mikey and Ray go in search of alcohol, apparently with the intention of getting shit-faced. Gerard begins leading me toward his bedroom, apparently with the intention of having some alone time.

When we get there, though, we aren’t alone. There are two very familiar looking people making out on the bed. And one of them has her shirt off. And she just so happens to be related to me. I walk over and smack her on the back of the head.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” I yell, losing my cool.

Jamia lets out a squeak and tries to cover her naked torso, “Frank! I...uh…I…”

“You’re going to put on your shirt and go back to a room that has people in it? Yeah, good idea,” I don’t give her a chance to finish. I can tell she’s drunk already, which upsets me slightly. I feel really protective of her ever since she started playing the “big brother” card on me all the time.

She nods and begins scrambling to do what I said. I turn my attention to the scumbag who thought he had a right to touch her like that, Sean, “And you! If you want anything, and I mean anything to do with my little sister you are going to treat her right! That means actual dating. You work at a restaurant for fuck’s sake! Take her out! Because I am not afraid to mess a motherfucker up.”

Gerard puts a hand on my shoulder, effectively shutting me up. I try to calm down as he begins to speak, “Seriously dude? When you said you wanted to come for Jamia I didn’t think you meant fucking her in my bed. That’s not cool. Get out and be glad I’m not letting Frank get ahold of you.”

I smile at that. Gerard has seen first-hand what I’m capable of if someone makes me angry enough. It’s how I got the school bully off mine and Mikey’s backs. Apparently it’s a creepy smile, because Sean gets out pretty fast. I have a feeling I still haven’t seen the last of his slimy face, but I can’t be bothered by that as Gerard is pulling me down on the bed.

I smile and snuggle into his chest. I love when he holds me like this. Simple, innocent cuddling. There’s nothing better. Then he starts humming a simple tune. I wish he’d sing. I love when he sings to me. His voice is as beautiful as the art he creates with his hands.

“Hey, Frankie?” he says.


“I’m proud of you.”

I kiss his cheek, “Thanks. I’m pretty sure a lot of people thought I’d drop out before this day came.”

“Well I wasn’t one of them.”

“I know. But you also haven’t known me very long.”

“I’ve known you long enough to know I love you.”

“Yeah. That’s true,” I say, teasing him.

He gets a defiant look and starts poking me in the side. He knows that tickles, and sure enough I’m unable to hold my laughter in. I yell at him to stop for a little bit before giving in.

“Fine! I love you too!”

He kisses me, “Knew it.”

I punch him playfully, “Then why the torture?”

“I like to hear you say it.”

I smile and shake my head. We lapse into a comfortable silence as the makeshift party continues upstairs. For some reason it sounds like there are more than five people up there now. But I can’t be bothered by that. Not when I’m in the arms of someone so amazing.


I realized i never had Ray in A Chance Encounter! So He'll be in this story alot. This was just a little intro. And evil Sean is at it again. Frank will never be rid of him O.o

BTW if you haven't read "A Chance Encounter" now would be a good time to do that. It will make this story make more sense.


Please please please pleeeeaaassseeee update !!!!

frankenweenie frankenweenie


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So sweet! I just love this!! :). Xx

Please update this? It's so sweet!! :) Xx

yeah its just a really slow process sorry

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