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Highschool Sucks....But The Bullies Are Even Worse

I'm Moving Out.


I walked upstairs to me and Bob's room and sat on our bed. My phone buzzed. I looked at who messaged me and saw that it was Frankie.

Pansy: Hey, can you grab my bag from my room and bring it to my house? All of my things are in the bag and I need them.

Pikachu: Yeah sure, so you really are leaving Gee?

Pansy: I'm not dumping him, I just need some time to calm down, possibly a week. Now that my place is cleaned up I can move back in.

Pikachu: Okay Frankie. Oh shit, I gtg, Bobby's coming up.

Pansy: Bobby?

Pikachu: Shut up.

Pansy: Make me.

Pikachu: I won't bring your things over and you'll have to face Gee and get them yourself.

Pansy:Okay, okay, ttyl.

Pikachu: Pika out.

I put my phone away just in time because Bob walked in right after I put it away.

"Who were you texting babe?"

"No one."

"I heard you giggle and it made me suspicious. Are you cheating on me with a hooker?"

He was joking so I answered with.

"Oh yeah, me and him plan to run away together and have amazing sex on a beach."

"Cool, so who were you really texting?"

"No one."

"Was it Frank?"

"N-No. Why would you say that?"

"Because it was. If he texted you to see if you could bring his stuff over I don't mind. Just be careful babe okay?"

"Okay baby, just don't tell anyone okay?"


I walked out of our room and to Gee's room. I walked in and saw a bag labeled "Pansy" that I had made him for school since his last bag broke. I grabbed it and walked downstairs.

"Where you going Alice?"

"None yo business Fro Fro."

"Why do you have Frank's bag?"


Oh shit here comes Gee. I ran out without saying anything. I ran to Frankie's house and knocked on his door.


I heard a knock on my front door. When I answered it I saw a sweaty Alice on my doorstep.

"Hey Pansy, I got your bag."

"Hey Pikachu, thanks. By the way, did you run here or something?"

"Yep. Gerard was trying to follow me so I jumped a few fences and lost him a couple of blocks back."

"Thanks Pika."

"No problem Pans."

"You wanna stay the night or something? Gee's gonna be a little pissy that you didn't tell him about me texting you and you don't want to be around him when he's pissy."

"Sure, just let me text Bobby and tell him to drop my bag off outside so that I don't have to go in."

"Okay. I'll get some food."

While she was texting Bob I went into the kitchen and put some pizza in the oven. I got some soda out of the fridge and walked back into the living room. Alice was sitting there, crying.

"What's wrong Pika?"

"Ge-Gerard's in the hospital."



Uh oh, what happened to Gee? Why did Gee end up in the hospital? Why are there so many cliff hangers? I know the last one. My parents walked in and I had to finish this chapter with a cliffy, so now I have to finish Frankie's POV tonight when everyone goes to bed. See ya later, my lovelies.

Tears <<strong>3


@Screaming Tears
:3 I'm a weirdo and I know it and I really wan to show it :)

Over? OVER?!?!? When did that happen! There's still the sequel!

Screaming Tears Screaming Tears

OMG you are such a good writer!!!!!!!!! Oh it's over......

Well I haven't read this story yet but when you mention smut and rape.... I am tottaly reading it :3

please don't think ok wierd.

There is a sequel my lovely. :)
Screaming Tears Screaming Tears