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These Terrible Things

Chapter One

I hear the bang of a door from the foyer of my hotel room. I groan and pull the soft down covers further over my head.
"Frank!" I hear someone call. Mikey.
I stay completely still in my hotel bed unable to ignore the dull throbbing in my head.
"Frank" Mikey yells again, closer now. "Where the fuck are you? We have a shoot to do."
I keep still hoping he'll think I'm not there and go away.
"Dude." I hear him say, he's in the doorway of my room now. "I can fucking see you man." I stay silent and still. I hear him sigh.
The soft down covers are yanked from over me and I try in vain to grab them and pull them back to me.
"Get up."
"No." I grumble and pull a pillow over my head.
"I get it. You're hungover. But, come on, fuck man, we need you." Mikey pleads.
I punch the bed and sit up.
"Fucking fine."
Mikey smiles triumphantly, I sneer and toss the pillow at him.
"Gimme 10 minutes to shower."
Mikey chuckles and leaves the room.

My headache continues as I step into the steaming marble shower. The jets pound against my face as I try to get rid of the hangover, the smell of stale liquor and trashy females. I rinse the soap from my hair as my headache finally begins to subside.
'Maybe it's time to stop fooling around.' I think to myself and then I chuckle remembering the events of the previous night. 'Fuck that. I'm in the prime of my life. I'm having as much fun as I will ever fucking have.'
"Hey, bozo, hurry your ass along. We're late enough as it is!"
I shut the shower off, cursing Mikey under my breath as I dry my short black hair.
I throw on a pair of torn black jeans and a black dress shirt.
I looked at myself in the mirror, the bags under my eyes were getting a bit ridiculous and I looked like shit I really did.
"Eh, whatever" I mumbled to myself.
"FRANK!" Mikey yells from the kitchenette.
I sneer at myself in the mirror and follow him out of the hotel room. We walked in silence to the elevator and continued our journey in silence. I rubbed my eyes. Mikey and I used to be really good friends before My Chemical Romance hit it big. Well, before I realised what being me could get me. I looked over at him, wondering if he was pissed off at me.
I shook my head. Of course he was pissed off at me. I'm an asshole.
'But a fucking hot and successful asshole' my conscience nodded obnoxiously inside my head and I couldn't help but agree.
The rest of our journey was silent as the beginning. I followed behind Mikey as we walked down the street to the photoshoot location, completely aware of the stares we were getting.
The stares. The whispers. The photos. The screaming teenage girls. It was all part of it and I loved every second of it. How could I not? Throughout my whole childhood I had wanted to be famous, to be somebody and to do something great. I was living my dream and nothing could stop me.


Something I'm trying out. I never ever write from Frank's perspective but I got an idea and I'm kinda just rolling with it. Not really planning anything. I have exams right now so I'll update when I update. Comments?


This is really good c:
man down man down