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Helena in life, three cheers honey

Sweet Helena

My life is a dull, drab grey
when the music dies, all color fades away.
but in the night i come alive
I twirl and twist
and dance, im in pure bliss
all while My Chemical Romance is playing
I sig at the top of my lungs until the final song.
i sing and dance and yet still sing.
when the music dies, though.
i feel an odd zing.
so i start the process over again.
for I brought you my bullets to conventional weapones and three cheers to danger days
and even the parade.
i sing it out for the ones that hate my guts, and i jump at the chance of an adventure.
there'll always be something outside my window... and im not afraid to see what.
life without music is just a living hell. no color. no happiness.
just dull and drab.
many a time i have been caught singing and dancing to my heroes songs.
but i am not ashamed.
for i know Helena would have done the same.
My Chemical romance may be done, but they are NOT DEAD!
they will live on in our hearts our computers our websites and radios.
no Killjoys. Go.
Dance like Helena.
Sing it oiut for the one that'll hate your guts.
Sparkle like bowie in the morning sun.
and if you ever see Gerard way...
go creeper status and sing 'Kiss me you animal na na na na na!" before grabbing his face and kissing him.
look alive sunshine.


whadda you thinkz?


@Black Widow

awe thank you
Linna Wayero Linna Wayero
that was amazing
Black Widow Black Widow