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Mikey Way, page 2

I'm Okay (Trust Me)

I'm Okay (Trust Me)

PG-13 Romance Comedy Drama

Mikey Way meets a girl named Kara who's just as wonderfully witty and sassy as his awesome killjoy brother. Mikey makes a few new friends through Kara, who aren't exactly what they seem. Enjoy their silly and witty commentary and learn more about all the characters.


10.0 5 Votes
The Ghost of You

The Ghost of You

NC-17 Romance Drama War

Adele is a war nurse stationed in Afghanistan, when she gets shipped off due to committing a felony she meets Mikey Way, the man who would save her life over and over again.


10.0 9 Votes
The Shy One

The Shy One

R Romance Tragedy Teen

A Mikey Way Fanfic


10.0 11 Votes
The True, F*cked-Up Tales Of  My Innocent Foursome.

The True, F*cked-Up Tales Of My Innocent Foursome.

NC-17 Romance Thriller Teen

Just a little something I dreamt or thought up. Some tales will be continued, others will just be little shots. This fic is set in a high school AU. Frerard, Waycest, Frikey, Fraycest, OC/Gerard Way/Frank Iero/Mikey Way, Lyn-Z Ballato/OC, Lyn-z Ballato/ Gerard Way. Gangbangs, foursomes, threesomes,


9.5 6 Votes
Writer's Soundtrack

Writer's Soundtrack

G Romance Comedy Drama

Mikey Way is a struggling writer with no money.


9.0 3 Votes
twas a dark night

twas a dark night

PG Romance Crime

mikey way fanfic.


10.0 3 Votes
Suburbia Is Hot Tonight

Suburbia Is Hot Tonight

PG-13 Romance Drabble

Star trek nerd Gerard and Pizza boy Frank, featuring a cameo appearance by self acclaimed genius Mikey Way.


Completed ✓
9.5 4 Votes
Little Way

Little Way

R Romance Drama Teen

Dom/Fertile Follow Princess Mikey Way of America on his long journey


- 1 Vote
Behind the Screen

Behind the Screen

PG-13 Romance Teen Crime

Mikiel (Mikey Way/Castiel)


On The Outside Looking In

On The Outside Looking In

PG-13 Romance Drama Teen

After the death of her father, Arriana and her best friend Joey move to Newark, New Jersey. Korey Sullivan is a self-absorbed, introverted outcast who doesn't quite fit in anywhere. Enter the misfits: Jackie James, Jessica LaTovey, Gerard and Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Frank Iero, and Bob Bryar.